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We are souls trekking their way up canvas mountains, leaving crevices of ink and paint. Sometimes we exhale an avalanche or two.

Saintbrush is an artzine aiming to uphold the finesse of both creative and critical thinking, including a variety of spheres ranging from the trails of solitary walks to random conversations. We introduce, iterate and imagine kaleidoscopically to incorporate the varying interests in summer-sung silhouettes, monsoon-bred weariness, autumn-like fragility and winter’s incongruences.

As a group of independent thinkers and curators, we work towards an inclusive space for voices, which need to be heard. We extend our abilities to arenas of individual and collective growth for a finite prospect of artistic development to prosper and persist.

Saintbrush, which was originally founded by Reya Ahmed, Madhura Banerjee and Satyaki Sarkar in 2015, had set off to interrelate the closely-knit bits of truth, thereby, extending it to form a passionate community of creative individuals.
We encourage reclamation of the creative and non-discriminatory spaces.

With our dreams, so clear and our hearts, together, we hope to create more art!

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