Genderqueer artletter from Berlin

His work largely focuses on queer, fringe and minority identities – celebrating individuals and questioning normative societal assumptions.

‘The Cage’- A visual art journey from Cuba

Wanda Fraga Sanchez is an emerging visual artist from Cuba whose work depicts the complexities of human behaviour. Her art, although depicts personal concerns, extends and expands even to the universe. She reaches out to a fragmented past through her work in quest for self-recognition.

In conversation with the man behind the travelling cow

Earlier this year, Kolkata-based independent artist Sujatro Ghosh started his photo series featuring women wearing cow masks. His work questions why cows have greater safety than women in India. The following is my conversation with Sujatro about this dehumanisation and more.

X-Men: Humans, the Others and Denial

“Xavier’s dream,” as it is often referred to in the story, of peaceful co-existence is a direct reference to MLK’s iconic “I have a dream” speech.

Dipjyoti and Brotipriya’s Journey Into Salvation

Sitting 1000 miles apart, being frustrated with a whole lot of things, we decided to get back together and start working on an art collaboration since creating something is one of the few things that brought both of us some peace and solace.

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