Wanda Fraga Sanchez is an emerging visual artist from Cuba whose work depicts the complexities of human behaviour. Her art, although depicts personal concerns, extends and expands even to the universe. She reaches out to a fragmented past through her work in quest for self-recognition.

The Cage  is a series that serves as a metaphor for the struggle between contradictory forces to which we are subjected to in our daily lives. The artist starts from Freudian theories, to visually reinterpret the interior of the individual in relation to the world that surrounds that person. The artworks evaluate the limitations and precariousness of human mind and explore the our impulses and emotions, which are constantly frustrated by the myths and formalisms of contemporary society.

The visual and conceptual references that the artist manages, range from the contrasting visuality of Pop Art, schematics of Minimal Art to purely theoretical references of Conceptual Art; developed through a process of collage and painting.
Here is a glimpse:

You can see more of Wanda’s incredible work here.

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