In conversation with the man behind the travelling cow

Earlier this year, Kolkata-based independent artist Sujatro Ghosh started his photo series featuring women wearing cow masks. His work questions why cows have greater safety than women in India. The following is my conversation with Sujatro about this dehumanisation and more.

In Defense of Pineapple on Pizza

As identities around the world get further convoluted with the circulation of diverse ideas, some embrace the oncoming change, while for others, it becomes important to assert their authenticity in the face of the massive ideological onslaught.

X-Men: Humans, the Others and Denial

“Xavier’s dream,” as it is often referred to in the story, of peaceful co-existence is a direct reference to MLK’s iconic “I have a dream” speech.

Autumn Winds

Original composition by Sourjyo Sinha.

A Nerd’s Rant on Supporting a Football Club

I was watching a Chelsea game at 2am one night, and we were (naturally) losing very badly, when I asked myself the question on every nihilist’s mind, “What’s the point?”


Amma’s sneer will whisper through Skeeter’s accent even after you have switched Missouri for Mississippi, death for hope, one white Manhattanite for another.

How To Deal With A Bad Week, and Other Folk Tracks

If you know you’re having a bad week, there’s no use telling yourself how there used to be better times, how you did things differently a while back, how you will never tolerate in future the things you’re tolerating now.

Dipjyoti and Brotipriya’s Journey Into Salvation

Sitting 1000 miles apart, being frustrated with a whole lot of things, we decided to get back together and start working on an art collaboration since creating something is one of the few things that brought both of us some peace and solace.

The Healing Power of Jazz

This is how jazz can heal. It can take you away from your labyrinthine neighbourhood and place you in a smoky café by an old gramophone, asking you if that was where you belonged.

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