Well to begin with, we both generally click impromptu and randomly, so, when asked about writing the thought process behind this attempt at a conceptual album, it was pretty tough. Tougher than actually thinking and making the images, so I am going to be as earnest as possible.

We both go a long way back and, it may seem ironical, but we got to know each other more intimately while being away from each other. Although there were days in which I really missed going out on a walk across the city with her or simply running across Maidan on mid-afternoons like couple of loonies, we both created our own little galaxy out there in the ether space and populated it with our words and imaginations. Somewhere there, in between realms, we existed happily and it was there, among other things, that the genesis of this body of work took place.

Sitting 1000 miles apart, being frustrated with a whole lot of things, we decided to get back together and start working on an art collaboration since creating something is one of the few things that brought both of us some peace and solace.

Coming to the album, there have been various influences that have shaped this ongoing body of work, from the literature we read to the music we listen to; from the streets we roam to those few moments which makes us happy about our existence. There wasn’t much in my mind while we started out and hence I left the greater majority of the visualizing, designing and the styling part to her and then we both went about making those images. Also a great deal about this ongoing body of work is a reflection at our perception of the world and a zone in which we both exist as artists, which we would like to portray to our viewers.


Most of the images we tried to make are basically based on the idea of portraits of nobody in a sense that they could be anybody. In essence they are the portraits of the state of mind rather than the portraiture of our physical state.  The rudimentary working idea behind it was that we both believed we are all stardusts having a common genesis and hence somewhere we have all shared the same ‘proverbial’ umbilical chord that connects us all together.



Now, basically as the album is progressing we are actually trying to explore more themes such as dystopian and gothic, as it happens with any commercial work but since at this point of time we both are working for ourselves there is a lot of freedom with which we are going about developing our work.



As the album develops we are really excited to see how it shapes up and where it leads to since this genre is absolutely new for both of us. From visualizing the words out of her little starbook to some unintended accidents, this body of work is still in its infancy and we both sincerely hope it grows.


—  Dipjyoti Banik.

Photography by Dipjyoti Banik and Brotipriya Das




Brotipriya Das : fashion designer, stylist, photographer, model aka nothing and everything. Works featured on Better Photography. Find me on instagram @brotipriya 

Dipjyoti Banik : vagabond storyteller who exists in between. Works featured on Open, Better Photography and few other publications
Find me on instagram @dipjyoti_banik





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