painting; Alessandro Gatto

A lifetime of unrealistic expectations,
of irrational pressures and merciless goals,
I am drowning in a sea of endless chances,
chances at a picture-perfect future;
each gifting a fleeting sense of purpose
and ending in the unvarying, unmistakable
stench of failure.

Pangs of painful reality,
insidiously slow in their erosion —
of everything I hold dear,
of everything I ever knew to be true.
The rotting odour of old diaries and priceless ideals,
Of innocence and naiveté
fill my nostrils
as I walk into the burning remnants
of what was once home.

A fiery inferno —
a whirlpool of all that will never be
swirls around me,
and in every crack and every corner
is the same, confused understanding —
the same one dreamers battle all their lives,
and refuse to accept —
the understanding that life is nothing
but trial and error,
and still, mostly error.


— Yash Kumbhat
painting; Alessandro Gatto

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