Genderqueer artletter from Berlin

His work largely focuses on queer, fringe and minority identities – celebrating individuals and questioning normative societal assumptions.

‘The Cage’- A visual art journey from Cuba

Wanda Fraga Sanchez is an emerging visual artist from Cuba whose work depicts the complexities of human behaviour. Her art, although depicts personal concerns, extends and expands even to the universe. She reaches out to a fragmented past through her work in quest for self-recognition.

In conversation with the man behind the travelling cow

Earlier this year, Kolkata-based independent artist Sujatro Ghosh started his photo series featuring women wearing cow masks. His work questions why cows have greater safety than women in India. The following is my conversation with Sujatro about this dehumanisation and more.

The Sound of Mother

Lack of conversation renders the memory of your unusually textured voice useless,


Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a brave and handsome prince. He was the first in line to the throne. He had fought for the glory of his kingdom in many long and hard battles. He had completely wiped out the barbaric hordes that opposed him.

The Reluctant Bangali

As a child born to parents who were, and still are, serving in the armed forces, I have never lived in a single place for more than a couple of years – never studied in the same school, never had a group of friends for any more than the duration of my parents’ posting to a particular station.


He took the narrow bamboo bridge across the canal. He saw a man lying face down in the mud. Judging by his immobility one could easily tell that the man was dead. Last night the man lay there, choking in his own blood.


The first breathing dragon I need to evade is my sister-in-law.


But still remain an outcast in.

In Defense of Pineapple on Pizza

As identities around the world get further convoluted with the circulation of diverse ideas, some embrace the oncoming change, while for others, it becomes important to assert their authenticity in the face of the massive ideological onslaught.

X-Men: Humans, the Others and Denial

“Xavier’s dream,” as it is often referred to in the story, of peaceful co-existence is a direct reference to MLK’s iconic “I have a dream” speech.

Sounds From The Shore (Mumbai, 2016)

I could write about the stories that Mumbai is tired of hearing, tales told to death, nooks and corners visited and revisited, shore touched, sounds heard.

Auroville, 2016

Tables are joined for families, made into a family that is wonderfully big and ever-expanding.

I was present in one, bamboozled by the vibe of this wonderful place

This Place

I was

dancing in your storm

A crimson dance


The lopsided demon

Haunted my memories of

Teenage years under the blanket of pretences

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