Niloni Pomal, is a 20-year-old graphic designer who goes by the quirky Instagram-name @nimboomirch and creates art that is a fine blend of desi elements and dollops of popular culture. She likes mint chocolate and the outer-space alike. For issue 04, we asked her some out-of-the-ordinary questions.

Generic questions first — what inspires your art?

Curiosity. Literally anything that seems out of place of the usual or the ordinary, I would tinker it into my art. Also whatever that makes my society aunties shout religious profanities at, inspires me.

Your artwork titled ‘Illusion of Water’ is interesting. Tell us a little about that particular project…

I live in Mumbai, and we have this phenomenon called “too much rains” which makes us all crib about having rains in the first place. While we all were busy cribbing about too much water above our heads, the newspapers at the very same time had the almost-urban, yet poor of our city crying about not getting enough water from the very own pipe-lines of the same city.

Do you think Mona Lisa fan-art is overdone at this point?

Y E S. I equally pledge guilty of being the part of the Mona-herd, but people somehow still like seeing her in ghaghra-chola for the umpteenth time, so no regrets.

Do you ever experience a creative block? If yes, how do you get over it?

More often than I would want to admit. I would just get over it by going bat-shit crazy looking at all the wonderful art on the internet that I didn’t make, and let my jealousy low-key inspire me to make something satisfactory that lets me sleep at night.

When you start an illustration, how do you prepare / approach it?

I think about a idea I really like, sketch it out in my mind, and then make something entirely different than my initial thought. It’s the fact that not knowing how will I go about it is what really makes it a unique experience.

Choose one: Photoshop or Illustrator…

Photoshop all the way!

What kind of music do you like?

Lots and lots of Indie-Rock and Synth-Pop. I’m more particular about my Bollywood and Hip hop, I will listen to nothing that has the same word repeated more than 10 times.

What is your ideal work-space for making art?

Any sturdy table with just my laptop or my paints and some decent lighting would be an ideal workplace for me. A window nearby would be a bonus.

If you could meet one artist from the past, who would that be? 

Freddie Mercury from Queen. And his mustache stylist.

What do you think of the artists in your city and in your generation?

There’s so much rich variety in what people around me and in my age are making these days, you can really just type out random words on Google and there would still be a soul who has made some form of art related to it.

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