“Pool” is inspired by the paintings that David Hockney dedicated to the swimming pool, in which the different scenes are developed around one.

In this series, the minimalist compositions predominate, the geometric forms and the luminous colors, where the water and its movement have a special stardom.

The scenes that are shown are quite daily, giving the photographs a certain costumbrismo. The characters that appear in them are totally unconcerned, and seem to be enjoying a quiet pool day. We see them immersed, swimming and playing in an idyllic environment full of vivid colors in the purest pop art style.



From an early age, David Rodríguez was attracted to the art world, but his love for photography did not start until 2013— the year he bought his first reflex camera. Shortly afterwards, he began to train himself through several courses. While studying, he discovered new photographers including Guy Bourdin and a photo that fascinated him enormously.


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