I saw a cat in my room by the garden

It looked at me, as if to beg pardon

And then;

It jumped onto the floor, it must’ve seen a rat.

But the floor was lifeless, strange creature, that cat.

It looked at me with deep blue eyes,

Unusual, in its feline kind!

For this was no fancy Siamese breed,

Just a regular cat, with wholesome greed

For fish.

Or so I thought, till I heard it speak

In a clear, London voice, and my face turned bleak.

It clearly, said, in a voice full of bass,

“Human, you have an ugly face

And it’s going to rain.”

I had started shaking quite heavily,

For, a talking cat was very unusual, at least in my mind!

It turned, looked out the window, and so did I

And sure as rain, the drops were falling one by

One, with a pitter patter sound.

“I need a pen”, it rumbled out,

And snatched up my silver one.

Then it jumped out the window and

Vanished in the rain, and never did I

Ever see that cat again.


I woke up the next morning, with a tremble on my lip

And tried to convince myself, it had all been a bad acid trip.

Illustration by Reya Ahmed


by Rishi Dasgupta

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