Meet Seigar, an urban street photographer from Spain, who has a fetish for reflections, saturated colors, details and religious icons. His passion for pop-culture and traveling have inspired his work as an artist. Apart from working as an English philologist and a high school teacher, he tells tales of mannequins with his camera. He calls them his ‘Plastic People’.  

 The portraits try to give dignity to the plastic people all over the world and are photographed with the intention to humanize them. The most recurring element of this project is the superimposition and juxtaposition of the architecture of a place on the people. The pictures lend a backstory to these everyday strangers and give them the center stage. Some portraits show an emotion or a sensation such as joy or sadness, while others proudly refuse to obey norms, and pose defiantly. Seigar says, “They include all the typical elements I normally present such as the saturated colours, the human expressions of their faces, and the complex reflections around them.”

From the society of this modern public, here is a glimpse.

‘My Plastic People’, the full project can be viewed here. 

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