Please send in your entries to with the subject line ‘Submission:‘.

Please stick to the following guidelines while sending in your contributions:


  1. Poetry, fiction or any other written material must be sent to us as Microsoft Word attachments (.rtf or .docx). Each attachment must be mailed as a separate email if the contributor is submitting multiple entries.
  2. The written piece must have a title. If there are non-English words, please include a legend at the bottom of the piece.
  3. Illustrations, photographs and any graphic material must be in .JPEG or .PNG format. Please note; in case of artwork done on paper (non-digital), the piece must be scanned (we shall not be accepting photographed artwork).
  4. Do not forget to include an author/artist bio (2-3 lines) along with the mail.
  5. If the piece has been published elsewhere before, please mention the publication and the URL (if any).
  6. We reserve the right to publish it on our Facebook page or artzine or both. 
  7. Go ahead, hit that send button!

              Illustration by Adrija Ghosh

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