I bathe in the dimness of a dying light,

a bluish light with shades of flitting white —

a light that spreads far and wide,

slipping through the cracks in the mud walls,

and calling my name as it streaks past;

it finds its place on a dusty floor,

and in its wake, an uprising begins.

Particles fly,

bounding through the air in passionate defiance;

I watch them dance,

first slowly and then quicker, and quicker, and quicker

every ray of light birthing a new dusty rebel

till I lose sight of any one individual speck,

and all that my eyes can register

is the furor of a magnificent, blue storm.

I lean against the cool frame of my cot,

the arch of my back sliding comfortably between wooden curves,

and I think;

does the dust lament my beauty?

Does the light marvel at the texture of my skin —

at the shine in my eyes, or the joy in my smile?

In a moment far too surreal

I rise up from my body,

and float above,

hovering in the crevices of a weathered ceiling.

I search my frozen face for traces of emotion,

and the cloying stench of desperation shrouds my being.

I look down curiously,

at what appears to be a rather peculiar human affliction,

and wonder,

why is it that we fiercely crave beauty,

that we must eke it out from the mundane,

and demand it at every passing moment?

I am not but a soul in a sea of many more,

not but a comma in a larger statistic,

but I see, clear as the day I was born,

that we seek the extraordinary

to reassure ourselves that it exists,

that there is a world outside deadlines and degrees,

outside successes and failures

and space and time —

a world that exists to grant refuge from claustrophobic constructs.

I am weak;

leave me be

and let me run wild,

sprinting through shining daffodil fields,

chasing the sun as it travels through a sea-blue sky;

let me run wild,

reveling in the breathtaking beauty of an old lightbulb,

or the product of agitated unswept floors;

let me run wild,

so when I must return to reality,

I can survive.


Artwork by Reya Ahmed


Written by Yash Kumbhat

Artwork by Reya Ahmed

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