In this series, the minimalist compositions predominate, the geometric forms and the luminous colors, where the water and its movement have a special stardom.

Padmavati – Death of a Childhood

I realized that a woman can be just as much a feminine goddess in a bob cut as she was in her flourishing raven mane, her unending braid twirling with every bounce of her hips. Of course, I grew up to know that every single one of these images in my head are just constraints that social standards set women to fit into, to box into, in order to comply individuals into set identities.

POP Goes the Music!

What do Lady Gaga, The Weekend, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have in common apart from the fact they there are contemporary pop sensations?


Amherst Square was suddenly alive with the ghosts of those who would most likely be strolling the flea markets, the stairwells, the tenement halls and soup kitchens this time today, had they, like Benjamin, turned a blind eye to invisible forces.

Lust for Lana: The Femme Fatale who creates

The spellbinding magic of Lana del Rey has captured the fancy of thousands of people since her ricocheting fame post Video Games. Since then, she has come under the scrutinising, scathing radar of the industry and the world in general for being the person(s) she portrays herself to be through her music.

Editorial Issue 04: POP

Initially, as the plan was unveiled and the means secured, we were extremely excited. Post a team meeting lounging on the sofas at the back of our favourite café, we thought, it’ll be easy right? Get a location, demarcate rooms, set everything up in a free space, and voila! A house without walls is set and ready to go. Well come December we realized the extent of our delusion.

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